Give Success The Hand

Success, the Original Hand Book: Life’s Five Greatest Secrets Are Right in Your Hand.  By Joey Reiman

So I was “shyming” (it’s a great word to look up, for those who don’t know Yiddish) around at GoodWill and as always looking for a good read when I came across this little gem.  Joey Reiman was at that time best known as ½ of the Babbit &Reiman Advertising Agency.  Since he was local and giving me the secrets, I read the insert, paid $2, and dove in.  I discovered that Joey is a fun writer with a unique way to think about success.

He states that the “hand” is a literal and figurative way to provide his “5 Pointers of Success.”  His premise is each finger in one hand is a symbol –

  • Thumb – is for Positive Thought
  • Index Finger – “points at what you want”
  • Middle Finger – My personal favorite – “fear deserves the middle finger”
  • Fourth finger – is a calling to “go forth.”
  • Little finger – is basically to pay attention to the little details.

As he summarizes, the five fingers of the hand represent each of our own Success Handbook.

He’s a fun, passionate guy and writer who makes you think hard about success, and gives his own spin on how to define it.   Each chapter has ideas, stories, quotes and some exercises, too.  The man dispenses great wisdom, like “Peace of mind is knowing who you are and knowing that it’s OK.  This is real success.” The book was written over 25 years ago, published locally, and not a best seller, but I enjoyed the read much more than many “motivational” books.

I really think he summarizes a rich and successful life beautifully through the five fingers of a hand.  If I had to pick a favorite chapter – it’s our middle finger.  Halloween is about being scared, but being afraid in life is paralyzing, and Joey wants us to “give fear the middle finger.”  This will allow us to face adversity and come out on the other side. Here’s a fun example of his writing – “The Safe Way is a Grocery Store.”  His acronym FEAR is Find the fear, Explore (“seek out the origin”), Accept (do what you fear and overcome it), and finally Release the fear … get rid of it and “kick it out.”

I hope you can find this book (you can call me and I’ll let you borrow mine or you can find used copies on Amazon, EBay, Barnes & Noble, etc.).  Read the book and we’ll get to exchange a “High Five” soon. Here’s to your success!

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