The Firm

Founded in 2008, SHAFRITZ & DEAN LLC, is a growth-oriented firm focusing primarily on the residential and small commercial real estate market in Northern Georgia.

Utilizing the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century, SHAFRITZ & DEAN LLC, focuses on providing outstanding customer service combined with professional excellence.

Our Philosophy

At SHAFRITZ & DEAN LLC we work to ensure that each real estate closing that we conduct is executed at a level that exceeds our closing parties expectations. Our motto: “Everyone Walks Away Happy!”

The Closing Process

Over the years, we’ve created a highly detailed, system-driven flow chart to help us complete transactions seamlessly and minimize errors or mistakes.

Our Technology

SHAFRITZ & DEAN LLC is constantly surveying technology to identify those technologies which can enhance the closing process. SHAFRITZ & DEAN LLC employs the most sophisticated technology available to provide seamless, high quality service to our closing parties.

Our closing parties can rest assured that SHAFRITZ & DEAN LLC is constantly evaluating its technology to ensure that the closing process is as easy as possible.

Lender’s Benefits with Shafritz & Dean

  •  “Silver Lining Service”
  •  Proactive and responsive communication
  •  12 convenient locations to serve you
  •  Georgia and Florida real estate transactions
  •  6 licensed attorneys on staff-principals onsite
  •  24/7 access to documents, view status
  •   Contract upload capability or drop off
  •   Net Sheet mobile app
  •   Premium calculation app

National Underwriters of Shafritz & Dean

  • First American Title Insurance Company
  • Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
  • Chicago Title (Fidelity National Title)
  • Stewart Title (For Florida Only)